We offer complete range of the top-selling ALULine aquariums from 80 to 150 cm, but we are even able to manufacture aquarium (at this moment only right-angled) including aluminium cover, aluminium lighting (we regularly manufacture aquariums with ALU covers up to the 6 metres length) and we are able to deliver even complete equipment including tables, technology and background. All our ALULine cover and bottom frames are created from anodising profiles which are resistant even against sea water. If you want there is a possibility to order even other anodising paint than only silver. You can count precise price on your own thanks to our web-calculator on

Product name
Product code
length x width x height
obrázek ALU LINE
8 (mm) 80x40x50 detail
obrázek ALU LINE
8 (mm) 100x45x50 detail
obrázek ALU LINE
8 (mm) 120x50x55 detail
obrázek ALU LINE
10 (mm) 150x50x60 detail